Mini35 Development Package

The Mini35 is a development package comprising of a Mini2440 ARM9 development board and a 3.5" QVGA transposed touchscreen. This device is currently being used as a development tool in porting DexOS to the ARM microprocessor architecture, and will feature new subsystems that have a closer relationship with the hardware (I2C bus control for example).

Designed to be modular and portable, in the future the ARM9 version DexOS should work with most ARM9-based devices, with most hardware configurations being selected during the compile-phase of installation.

A circuit schematic for the Mini2440 development board is listed below in the references section1

Mini35/2440 Specifications

CPU 400Mhz Samsung S3C2440A ARM920T
RAM 64 MBytes SDRAM, 32 bit 100 MHz Bus
2 Mb NOR
Communications x1 UART via DB9 connector
x2 UART via on-board connectors
x1 USB Host via Female Type-B connector
x1 USB Device via Female Type-B connector
10/100 Ethernet via RJ-45 connector
10-pin JTAG debug via on-board connector
40-pin system bus via on-board connector
34-pin GPIO bus via on-board connector
User I/O x6 SPST push-to-make switch
x1 trimpot
x4 LED
x1 PWM-driven piezoelectric buzzer
x1 SD Card socket
3.5" (64K colors) QVGA TFT LCD
4-wire resistive touchscreen element
x1 Stereo-Out audio via 3.5mm female jack
x1 Mono-In audio via on-board connector
x1 on-board electret condenser microphone
20-pin camera interface via on-board connector
Power 5V/?mA with ? jack
x1 power status LED
x1 SPST slide switch
Physical Dimensions 10.0 (L) x 10 (W) x 1.8 (H) [cm]
3.6 (L) x 3.6 (W) x 0.7 (H) [in]


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