Development Tools & Libraries

Development Tools

This page outlines the tools and libraries available to the developer in designing applications for the DexOS architecture, in addition to auxiliary tools to produce other assets required for specific applications.

Assembly Language

  • FASM - The main development tool in DexOS. This IA-32 assembler is available on many architectures, including the native port to the DexOS architecture.

C Language

Initially created in the 1970's alongside UNIX, the C language is a powerful higher-level language that affords the programmer abilities like data structures and platform independence. The following tools and libraries are highly experimental and should be used at the developer's risk.

  • TCC - The Tiny C Compiler for Windows-compatible systems retargeted for the DexOS architecture. This is a cross-compilation tool.
  • C Library - The Standard C library ported to the DexOS architecture.


  • ForDex - Windows/DOS formatting utility to easily load DexOS onto a 3.5" Floppy Diskette.


  • Mini35 - ARM9 based micro-controller platform currently being used as a development tool for porting DexOS to the ARM architecture.
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