DexOS is a burgeoning operating system with a small but growing collection of software. From utilities to games, there is something for everyone! While some applications are still in the development stage, effort will be made to identify the software developer of an application so that the user may provide feedback to him or her regarding bugs, features or usefulness.

Group Title Version Description
Drivers & Modules Time 0.01 Clock/Time Display in the CLI
DexShell N/A Alternative CLI to the built-in CLI
Games Invaders 1.0 A Space Invaders clone. Kill the aliens!
MacVaders 1.0 Another Space Invaders clone. Kill more aliens!
Miscellaneous Eliza 1.0 A pattern-matching nondirectional psychotherapist (chatbot)
Testmot 1.0 Test program for motor controllers
Utilities FASM 1.64 Flat Assembler (IA32 32-/64-bit Architecture)
Forth Interpreter 1.0 Forth Interpreter
HTTP Server 0.01 Net set up and server program
IDE 0.03 Integrated Development Environment
ZIP Viewer 0.01 A demo to show files in a ZIP archive
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